The Tin Bucket, Redux

For those of you devotees, you know that one of my first posts was about the Tin Bucket in NE Portland. The place was awesomely charming. The staff, pretty awesome. The business model, on the rise. The space age growler-filling mechanisms, to be determined.

Well, it’s been determined.

Two months later, after holding a Georgetown Lucille IPA in a glass growler with a screw top, I could not take the anticipation anymore and cracked the lid.

Much to my surprise, I was greeted with a strong blast of carbonation. The beer was saved.

The Georgetown Lucille IPA came out as carbonated, rich and foamy as the day it was born.
The Georgetown Lucille IPA came out as carbonated, rich and foamy as the day it was born.

In fact, the foamy head was super foamy. Sure, my pour wasn’t great (I was excited, alright?), but the beer was perfectly held over the course of two months. The last time I used a glass growler — I use an SS Growler now, and highly recommend it — the air leaked out after five days.

P.S. The Lucille IPA is great. Hop Heads everywhere should already have this beer on their shortlist.

To refresh you, the Tin Bucket uses a Pegas CrafTap system that purges the growler with CO2 and seals it from oxygen while it fills, similar to a industrial bottling system.To cap the beer so you can pull it out, the CO2 system sends a burst in there and tops it with a rich foam head, preventing any air for entering the growler.

Needless to say, it’s bad ass.

Right now, the Tin Bucket is the only place in Portland where they use this system. Granted, how many of us keep our beers in growlers for more than two days? Not a lot, by my count. But, if you’re heading back to the east coast and will miss your beloved IPAs out here, this just may be the way to go. Plus, 40 beers on tap? They are bound to have something you like.

This gets The Beer Detective stamp of approval. Well done, Tin Bucket.


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