ASAC Schrader Memorial Brown Ale

I wanted to teach a buddy how to brew beer. As the weather turned cold, we agreed that a brown ale would help usher the season in. Turns out we were right—what resulted was an extremely smooth, mild brown ale.

Here’s the recipe:

I think it turned out well, but I feel it could be a little more full-bodied. I think I’ll up the roasted malt bill next time and maybe some spice..? I’ve also been considering putting in some dark brown sugar. I also would leave it to carbonate it a bit longer than I did, but either way the taste was nice. Roasted/Chocolate nose. A solid flavor through out. I look forward to trying it again!

**Note: on the notes, it says the ABV is around 3.5%. It’s actually 5%. Darned calculators.**


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