The Beer Detective featured on New School Beer

Ezra Johnson-Greenough, AKA Samurai Artist and owner of New School Beer, posted on the New School Beer’s twitter account that he was looking for someone to cover the McMenamins High Gravity Extravaganza a couple of weekends ago. I, being a young ambitious journalist, said I would be willing to do it.

Sure enough, I covered the event with photos and tasting. Here’s my round up:

I’m kind of bummed, because it’s not really my writing style at all. I feel my style works better in a profile capacity, where I can really let loose and describe what is going on around me to give an idea of who these people are. But, it’s a place to start. With Brian Yaeger having left the country, tons of Oregon freelance opportunities are going to open.

Quick side note: Brian, you’re awesome and I wish you the best in the Netherlands. We spoke a long time ago at the fruit beer fest when I was writing for Portland Monthly. Amidst your statements of “It’s not easy or profitable being a beer writer,” you encouraged me to stick with it. Cheers. 

So, you  might see more of The Beer Detective (Branden Andersen) where you least expect it.


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