Bend Beer Club

When I moved over to Bend in June of last year, I found the urge to join a club in the area. I wasn’t good a kayaking, so that went out the window. I wasn’t a competitive bike rider and wasn’t about to get into that. But, beer was something I could grab on to. I was already doing some beer writing and loved to explore the beer world, so why not?

The only one I found in the area was the Central Oregon Homebrewers. My beer was nowhere near good, but I figured I would try it anyway.

My experience with COHO was good, but I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of a club. Meanwhile, I was diving into bigger, rare beers. As the beers got bigger and more rare, the price went up. And by the end of the 22 or 750ml bottle, I found I wasn’t so much appreciating the beers as I was unwillingly drunk.

So, I want to propose the Bend Beer Club.

Besides doing some beer writing, I’ve read many books in the industry and have just started working as a bartender and server. But, I feel like the best way to expand your palette is to use others’ in conjunction with your own.

Also, all this beer buying is adding up and it would be awesome to split it between each other.

Here’s what I”m thinking: we have one themed night a month. Here are some examples:

1) Pilsner night—Where members try pilsners from the Northwest to the Czech Republic. (I’ll let you imagine all the style-nights we could have)
2) Paring nights—Think food, cheese, chocolates, etc.
3) Trading night—Members will be charged with the task of pulling a cool beer from the other side of the state.

If this goes somewhere, it could be a branded affair, leading to beer swaps and collaboration brews.

The bottom line is I’m ready for this city to have a beer advocacy group, by people who love and appreciate what our city has to offer.

I’ll attach a Bend Beer Club flyer. Please share this with people who could be interested. If we garner enough support, I’ll start turning the wheels on this thing and hopefully get something on the books.

If you’re interested, feel free to email me at or comment on this page.

I look forward to hearing from you Bend beerites soon.


One comment

  1. I’m involved in 2 separate groups (with some crossover) that have tastings/bottle shares both themed and free-for-alls. Some are traders, and others just scout the local scene. Introductions should be made!

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