I was surfing the interweb this morning when I went onto YouTube to post a video for my fantasy football league. Of course, in the internet’s creepy way, they had suggestions for me—lots of duck football stuff, a couple of random movie trailers, and a beer video or two.

This time, there were two videos that caught my eye. One: “Beer Culture the Movie Full.” That one is about 52 minutes long and is for sure something that I will get around to.

The second one is titled “Craft Beer: The Hopumentary.” That title grabbed me like a juicy worm in the river and I was in.

It starts with some old advertisements for Bud, Miller, and Coors (“This isn’t some city beer,” which I can only assume was Sam Elliott‘s voice), but the artfully opened with a big wig at Lagunitas talking about his first craft beer—Anchor Steam Beer.

The movie is short, but damn is it good. It’s really focused on the Bay Area/California’s beer scene, but it has parts about the whole west coast and country as a whole. I didn’t necessarily learn much, but it gave me that warm fuzzy about beer that usually takes a beer to get going.

All of this to say: We are living in the prime of craft beer. I do think it will continue to rise, but I can see that right now we’re witnessing the apex of individuality, creativity, and passion for the beverage. From here, investors are going to get involved—people who are jumping in for the money rather than the love. It’s a scary thought, but don’t think that you don’t see it either.

To all of you craft beer nuts out there: watch these videos, read some books, grab the magazines, brew your favorite style, and enjoy this beverage. Don’t let it become normal, because when it does is when we lose what we love.


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