The Beer Detective came around May 2013, when I realized my journalism degree could be put to use while I explore the world of beer in the Northwest. I had my first craft beer (a Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale) in 2010; my perception of craft beer was forever changed. Hyperbolic, sure, but true nonetheless.

I’ve been writing about beer since early 2013, mostly for other publications. My work has been featured prominently in New School Beer, Northwest Brewing News, Oregon Beer Growler, and The Bulletin. My beer-writing career started at Portland Monthly during an internship, where I worked extensively on their 2013 Beer Issue.

The purpose of this outlet is to share and review experiences in the most amazing beer community a beer drinker could ask for. The culture surrounding this beverage is something to admire, which is exactly what I hopes to contribute to. There are many outlets out there doing a wonderful job sharing news about beer spots and people, but I feel there is a need for a more personal, put-you-at-the-bar writer.

I want to be the most credible source possible, and therefore will not stop in my pursuit to educate myself in the industry and all things that come with it. I’m currently a Recognized BJCP Judge and Cicerone Certified Beer Server, while taking next-level exam for both. I try and stay tuned to what is happening in the industry, but hope to write more in-depth enterprise and profiles on the people making beer what it is, and what it will be.

I look forward to sharing a pint with you all.


The Beer Detective


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